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4 February 2015


Next year's compost in the making it the tunnels have used last year's to replenish the soil in both tunnels so we get some great fresh vegetables

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6 May 2014

Jonathan Dimbleby and Any Questions? Comes to Knowle West

A photo of Jonathan Dimbleby and some of KWMC team after a lively broadcast of Radio 4's Any Questions? reaching an audience of an estimated 2 million. Not bad for putting KW on the map. On the panel were Farming Minister, George Eustace, food and poverty campaigner Jack Monroe, Media executive Kelvin McKenzie and Mary Creagh Shadow Secretary for Transport.
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3 May 2014

Jack Monroe with local food producer Jade Spicer

At Any Questions event on Friday night, food writer and brilliant blogger Jack Monroe and Mary Creagh MP praised Jade Spicer for her brilliant Eccles cakes and scotch eggs. Brilliant new local business - support Jade's enterprise.
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