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13 October 2014

Via group KWMC

Wild Fest at Knowle West

What a great Saturday! Lots of activities for kids, food, no queues and lovely domestic vibe. More often please!
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19 June 2014

SPHERE and ELM at Festival of Nature

Thousands of people descended on the harbourside at the weekend for the annual Festival of Nature. Knowle West Media Centre teamed up with Bristol University on Sunday to showcase SPHERE (Sensor Platform for Healthcare in a Residential Environment). The 15m research project is looking to put sensors in homes to help manage and spot health conditions. Visitors tried activities such as testing sensors in a model lego home and balancing in front of a special camera which showed them their point skeleton. Members of Knowle West's Edible Landscapes Movement (ELM) had a stall over the weekend selling plants they had grown - and sold several giant palms for a huge profit.

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