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12 September 2015

31 July 2015

Filwood Hope Tea Party Fundraiser

Filwood Hope Advice Centre hosted a tea party fundraiser today, selling beautiful homemade cakes and other home crafted items in order to raise money for their centre and also to get to know their local residents a bit better. Emma, the HR manager, said how pleased she was to meet new people and to find out about other projects happening in the area. The centre is hoping to recruit some more volunteers this summer too, so if you are interested in getting involved, please contact Pearl or Emma on 0117 963 4566.
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29 May 2015

Celebration launch for opening of Filwood Green Business Park

Filwood Green Business Park attracted crowds to its opening with a colourful spectacle to mark the event. It will be a new home for environmental businesses across the city.
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26 May 2015

Filwood Gets Fit Banner

The Filwood Gets Fit Banner makes and appearance at Filwood Broadway along with me and my bike! Filwood Gets Fit will run 6th-10th July - look out for the full programme available mid June!
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18 May 2015

Bordeaux Delegation comes to Knowle West Media Centre

A delegation of 34 people from Bristol's twin town of Bordeaux came to Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) as part of their whistlestop tour of the city. They had the chance to explore the centre's environmental building and find out about creative and digital projects taking place. Staff member Justin Ricks gave a talk about KWMC's Pop Up Furniture Factory which makes and upcycles furniture and has just moved to Filwood Green Business Park. Staff really enjoyed the visit and were sad to see them go.
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26 November 2014

Todays MemoryScapes workshop on Filwood Pool

We just had a great session here at KWMC on the history of Filwood pool. Loads of pictures were brought in by local residents and some great stories were told. Thanks to everyone who has donated pics to us, especially the original photographs. It is so interesting. Who knew Bob Fisher met the Duke of Edinburgh! Really looking forward to our next session at the Children's Centre on Leinster Avenue, drop in between 9am and 12 noon, 8th December.
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7 November 2014

Remember this place?

We have heard lots of hilarious stories about antics that have taken place in Filwood Pool. If you have some of your own, why not come and share them at our next workshop here at KWMC, 26th November from 11am - 12.30.
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