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4 December 2014

Via group Re:Work

Job Vacency at Filwood Hope

Advisor Employer: Filwood Hope Salary: £9,984 p.a, equivalent to £23,400 full time, plus pension. Hours: 16 per week Closing Date: Friday, 19 December, 2014 - 17:00 Contract Details: Permanent - subject to six month probation

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3 December 2014

Next MemoryScapes workshop, open to everyone!

We are putting on a drop-in session at Knowle West Children's Centre on Leinster Avenue, next Monday (8th December) from 9am to 12noon. We will be showing some Knowle West TV from the 1970's as well as displaying some amazing pictures of local people from the 20's to the 90's that were taken in South Bristol. We need help recognising these people, so come down and have a look - see if you know anyone. But also, come along with your own pictures and stories to share them with us. This is open to the public, so bring your children or your grandparents, friends and family. Come and have a cup of tea and reminisce.
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26 November 2014

Todays MemoryScapes workshop on Filwood Pool

We just had a great session here at KWMC on the history of Filwood pool. Loads of pictures were brought in by local residents and some great stories were told. Thanks to everyone who has donated pics to us, especially the original photographs. It is so interesting. Who knew Bob Fisher met the Duke of Edinburgh! Really looking forward to our next session at the Children's Centre on Leinster Avenue, drop in between 9am and 12 noon, 8th December.
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30 October 2014

Next MemoryScapes workshop on Filwood Swimming Pool

Do you have fond memories of Filwood pool, or know of someone who does? Have a look at the flyer here and pass it on, the workshops are open to everyone. We had so much fun at the last MemoryScapes workshop on Wills Tobacco Factory, some great photographs were brought in and hilarious stories were being told. Don't miss out on the next one! Come and share your memories and bring any objects or memorabilia you might have.
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30 September 2014

Via group Re:Work

Filwood Broadway for all you Halloween requirements.

re:store, KWL Fruit and Veg, Gifts for all Occasions, and PJ Monahan Hair and Beauty SCHPOOKY

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25 September 2014

18 September 2014

Via group KWMC

MemoryScapes: Remembering Broadway Cinema

Watching clips of old films, eating old fashioned sweets, sitting in the original seats from Filwood Cinema and reminiscing about life in Knowle West. The next workshop will be on the 17th October at KWMC, 2pm - 3.30pm.

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18 July 2014

Infomation needed

hi all can anyone help me i am tryting to get some pictures and infomation on the bristol 600 club as want to write up about it's history can you help me? looked on internet will try local libuary's next
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20 June 2014

Via group KWMC

Mobile Tattoo Parlour on Filwood Broadway

The Mobile Tattoo Parlour continues its tour around the neighbourhood. Why not pop down to Filwood Broadway where we are residing outside Re:Store and upload some of your ink to our digital archive.

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