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29 June 2015

Run to Knowle West if you dare

After running up 183 steps this is the beautiful sight at the top. 8th July at 6.30pmtake the 5k challenge meet at KW Health Park
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18 December 2014

Gingerbread for treats at the Elf Park Christmas Party from Rising High

Come join us from 4pm tonight. Santa's coming and everything!

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9 December 2014

Woodland Workshops for Men

Back to the woods today with the men's project for more woodland skills and to build our own hazel fence panels. We also started shaping our wooden bowls by using embers from the fire but lots of patience needed as it's such slow work! Any blokes interested in joining us next Tue just give me a call 07824806836.
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27 November 2014

Rising High gets festive

Practice has started on our festive baking treats with some experiments with stollen and Christmas characters.

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19 November 2014

Lots of people at Eagle House factory open day

Even the local bobby queued for his personal key fob made by Fiona on the laser cutter. Along with Jay and Tina.
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30 October 2014

Delicious bread at KW Health Park

Love picking up my delicious bread every Thursday at the Health Park. Thanks James and Pat!

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23 October 2014

Bread Cafe

Great morning of baking with the widest range of bread ever! People queueing out the door at one point and good feedback on our new lemon spirals.

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22 September 2014

Via group KWMC

Merrywood Grammar School, 1961

If you recognise this then chances are you attended Merrywood Grammar in the 1960s. MemoryScapes will be looking at the history of key places in Knowle West, including this school, at the Celebrating Age event on the 7th October in Knowle West Health Park. If you have memories to share, then please come and find us!

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17 September 2014

Dragon Boat Race

Had a fantastic day on the harbourside, entering a multi agency team (KWHA, KWHP, and Broadbury Police) into the Sue Ryder dragon boat event. We came 7th out of 36 teams, and raised over £1000 for one of our projects, the Charity Challenge. Thank you to all those who took part and in helping us raise funds.

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12 August 2014

Bread Masks at KWHP Summer Picnic

Come join us tomorrow (Wed 13th Aug) at the Health Park for the second Summer Picnic event and more bread making fun

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