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23 October 2015

Lemonade drink

Cut up lemons into chunks, add water and sugar and food process. Strain mixture with sieve and add more water, then chill in the fridge. Delicious and quenches your thirst!
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30 October 2014

Delicious bread at KW Health Park

Love picking up my delicious bread every Thursday at the Health Park. Thanks James and Pat!

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3 June 2014

rainbow chard

Rainbow chard is ready for picking here at Springfield allotment along with broad beans and sugar snap peas, so come get your fresh veg on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings!

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8 May 2014

Knowle west Wild Garlic on menu at Watershed

Watershed Cafe Bar in the harbour have Knowle West Wild Garlic Risotto on the menu. Executive Chef Oliver will be cooking and hosting our event 'Wild Thing' on May 10th at Knowle West Media Centre, part of Bristol Food Connections Festival.
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29 April 2014

Via group KWMC

Our new staff room!

Our new and very comfy 'pop-up' staff room has appeared in the main studio at KWMC. It is part of our Health and Wellbeing Charter which looks at all areas in the workplace that have an impact on our wellbeing and aims to improve it. So hopefully we will all be happier and more productive people! :)
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5 February 2014