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21 April 2015

Historical discovery of the day!

Today a man dropped off some paperwork he thought I might like for MemoryScapes. After buying a box of books at a car boot sale, this local resident found these papers- details of the students from Merrywood Secondary School from 1906. Amazing! Even more amazing to see that the father's occupation was recorded right alongside the details of the student's progress!
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2 April 2015

Some personal discoveries from MemoryScapes

Whilst looking through some of my own family's memorabilia to see if it could be relevent for MemoryScapes, I stumbled across these pictures of my Dad, taken by the Red Cross in the early 1940's so they could be sent to his father in Ilag 7, a prisoner of war camp in Austria. The stamp on the back is the official stamp from the Nazi run camp.
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18 February 2015

The MemoryScapes Chest is now at KWMC!

The reminiscence chest has reached it's final stop on the tour: Knowle West Media Centre. It will be here for a couple of weeks, ready for the tea party event on the 5th March. Be sure to pop down and see it now if you aren't around for the event.
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10 February 2015

MemoryScapes is now at St Barnabas Church!

The memory chest has made its way to the final destination in the community (this time around!). It will be at St Barnabas church until next Monday, so be sure to visit it after the church service on Sunday at 11am.
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10 February 2015

MemoryScapes Tea Party

On March 5th between 5pm and 7.30pm Knowle West Media Centre will be hosting a free community tea party to celebrate the memories of South Bristol. Come along and indulge in the free afternoon tea and get involved with our art installation based on the stories of local residents, share your own memories with other local people and explore the archive of memorabilia we have collected. All ages welcome!
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3 February 2015

MemoryScapes is now at Filwood Hope

The Memory Chest will be at Filwood Hope until next Tuesday morning, so feel free to pop by and have a look. The cinema seats have come back home to Filwood Broadway!
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26 January 2015

MemoryScapes interactive installation is now on show at Knowle West Childrens Centre

The MemoryScapes Chest is now at Knowle West Children's Centre all week for everyone to come and view. Pop down at lunch time or when you pick your kids up and someone from KWMC will be there to show you how it works, but it is open to the public throughout The centre's regular opening times too. There's space to record your own memories of South Bristol, explore the memories of other residents or just to sit down and watch old films in the original Filwood Broadway cinema seats.
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19 January 2015

MemoryScapes installation

We are at the 600 Club all week, come and visit and have a play with KWMC new interactive installation based on the memories of Knowle west residents.
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8 December 2014

Today's MemoryScapes workshop at Knowle West Children's Centre

A big thanks to Knowle West Children's Centre for hosting our latest MemoryScapes workshop/ drop-in. We had a whopping 38 people attend, including parents, staff and children, as well as 4 of our existing members and other local residents. As ever, some hilarious stories were shared and new photographs were brought in and looked at, people in photos were identified and two participants even found out that they were distantly related! If you have anything that you would like to contribute to the installation, please contact me and I would be happy to scan it or take photos of it. Thanks Knowle West, What a great morning!
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26 November 2014

Todays MemoryScapes workshop on Filwood Pool

We just had a great session here at KWMC on the history of Filwood pool. Loads of pictures were brought in by local residents and some great stories were told. Thanks to everyone who has donated pics to us, especially the original photographs. It is so interesting. Who knew Bob Fisher met the Duke of Edinburgh! Really looking forward to our next session at the Children's Centre on Leinster Avenue, drop in between 9am and 12 noon, 8th December.
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